The U.S. is home to roughly 2.5 million black-owned businesses, according to the Census Bureau. Although the vast majority are sole proprietorships or small-scale affairs, an increasing number have regional reach and national ambitions.

Voting with your pocketbook is one of the best ways to effect change in a capitalist society. And I stand by my commitment to do ethical, thoughtful business with my clients, and to support ethical, thoughtful business in my community.

One way that I’m committed to supporting the Black community is by diversifying the content I consume and the businesses I shop. Here are 10 creators, artists, and businesses that I find simply inspiring and beautiful:

Alyson Morgan

Alyson shares her slow, simple, sustainable lifestyle that is deeply rooted in nature and the earth on her blog and Instagram. She is open about her healing journey and encourages others to begin their own with her online herbal shop, Earth Star.

Tabitha Brown

Tabitha is a ray of sunshine. She is an actress and vegan food influencer, and one of my favorite things about following Tabitha is listening to her motherly talks on Instagram. She speaks to followers in her soothing, honey-like voice and spreads love, joy, and encouragement.

Two Days Off

Two Days Off, founded by Gina Stovall, creates everyday, sustainably-made clothing. Each piece is made to order in LA. Shop their gorgeous collection here. @twodaysoffclothing

Influencing in Color

These four women, Nikki, Meghan, Shay, and Brandy, started Influencing in Color to be a positive influence for people of all color through their commitment to diversity and inclusion. @influencingincolor

Alexandra Winbush

Alexandra Winbush is the self-care brand you need right now. Shop their candles and tea, and follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Romy Studio

Romy Studio has modern and minimalist statement earrings, handmade in small batches in Washington DC. Shop here. @romystudio

Pepper Palm

Pepper Palm sells everything botanical! For lovers of plants, happy colors, and whimsical designs, follow them on Instagram.

Lo Harris

Lo Harris is an NYC-based illustrator and animator. Her art is bright, bold, and powerful. Shop her prints, totes, and more here.

Onyi Moss

Onyi is a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger originally from Nigeria and now based in Manchester, UK. She creates stunning editorial content for her blog and Instagram.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is a poet and artist. The art that she creates and shares daily is inspired by real-life experiences and can be both eye-opening and relatable. @morganharpernichols

Please share some of your favorites to support and follow as well!