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Boosting Natural Light in Winter

Posted by Mary O'Neil on November 25, 2016
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Lots of bright natural light can absolutely help winter days feel less bleak – but it can also help small spaces feel larger, more airy, and help attract buyers! With that in mind, here are my tips and tricks for boosting natural light in winter. These tips can help homes with an odd layout, or a house with less-than-ideal wall color, a brick wall view, or even a lack of windows can make your new home feel dark and dreary.

Re-Paint in Light Colors

A standard living room would only cost about $200 to paint well in lighter colors, which can help reflect any natural light they get. Light colors are the hands-down favorite decor trick for creating an open and airy setting. White, of course, is the easiest choice. But some shades can look flat or dingy, depending on the undertones. I highly recommend Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White. It has just enough depth to make an impact while still reading as very bright. If whites or creams aren’t your style, consider very pale blues or yellows, or light taupes.

Use Mirrors Creatively

Placing mirrors directly opposite windows can double the amount of light in a space. But even if it’s not across from a window, mirrors reflect light. Generally, the larger the mirror, the better; and like pale colors, they can help by adding an illusion of greater size to a space. If you find movement in mirrors distracting, you can simply opt for a mirror which is lightly frosted: which can still add natural light, but offer less issues.

Glass-Topped Surfaces

Glass (or if you’re on a budget, acrylic) topped surfaces offer the same benefits as mirrors: they reflect light into your space! But they come with two caveats: they must be dusted regularly, and shouldn’t be cluttered. Clutter will make a space look smaller and reduce the amount of reflected light.


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