Bring this checklist on the final walk-through to ensure that all repairs have been made and the home is move-in ready — before you sign those closing papers on your new Nashville home!

After the negotiations, home inspection, and repairs, saying that you’re excited to sign on the dotted line and close on your new house is an understatement. You’re ready. However, it’s standard for you to take one more walkthrough of the home before closing — and you shouldn’t take this task lightly. Even if you’ve already scoured the place, it’s possible you missed something, and you definitely don’t want to spend money on a repair after you close and those mortgage payments start.

During the walk-through, you should find the manuals for appliances, furnace and air-conditioner. If the home you’re buying has automatic garage door openers, they should be left out for you to test. Lastly, make sure you receive all the keys: a complete set to every door lock in the house, basement, shed and garage. And don’t forget to get the alarm codes. If you bought a condo, make sure that you’ve received the mailbox, storage locker, and unit keys.

Walkthrough Checklist