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Spring Nashville News: Restaurants, High Rises, and More

Posted by Mary O'Neil on March 10, 2017
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SkyHouse Offers a Month Free! SkyHouse, a brand new luxury high-rise in Midtown, is ready for residents. But that’s only the beginning! Since it’s one of the first of a spate of new high-rises in Midtown, they’ve decided to cast out the lure to Nashville residents by offering their first month free to qualified applicants. If you’re looking for a new place in this hot area, close to Downtown and Vanderbilt, this might be for you!

M Street’s Chef Week Draws Closer! M Street is hosting Chef Week from Monday, April 24 through Sunday, April 30 this year. Not familiar with M Street? They’re a group responsible for some of the most lauded and well-attended restaurants in Nashville: Kayne Prime, Saint Anejo, Tavern, Virago, Whiskey Kitchen, and Moto! This chef week is an exclusive event (yes, you must buy tickets) which pairs their esteemed chefs with hand-picked artists to create a multisensory dinner extravaganza.

Sinema’s Bottomless Brunch Opens to the Public! Sinema recently launched Bottomless Brunch, a new Sunday brunch program offering buffet-style service for their high-end fare. Sinema is one of Nashville’s ultra-hot brunch spots known for pushing the envelope (with dishes like their Fruity Pebbles French Toast, and their jaw-dropping mimosa cart) so you shouldn’t miss out on this special while it lasts!

The Hook Sadly Closes its Doors! The Hook was a fantastic, modern fried-seafood restaurant on 8th which had quickly become a neighborhood cornerstone. Right across the street from Prince’s, it had a spacious patio with bar service, open dining, and fantastic twists on traditional seafood favorites. It will be greatly missed!

Tànsuǒ Gets Closer to Opening! Tànsuǒ is a contemporary Chinese restaurant from chef Maneet Chauhan, of the newly-famous Chauhan Alehouse, a fantastic, relaxed fusion restaurant close to downtown. But Tànsuǒ is to be Nashville’s first venue for upscale and modern Chinese dishes, a massive hole in the current repertoire of Nashville’s culinary offerings. Tànsuǒ sits alongside Nashville staples like Lucky Bamboo and Chinatown as some of the area’s only authentic Chinese.

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