When you’re going to an open house, it’s easy to fall into the trap of admiring the look of a home. Instead, ask important questions which should influence your buying decision!

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of going to an open house. Especially if it’s staged beautifully, smells great, and there’s an agent directing your interest. But it’s important to look at every home with a critical eye.

In the kitchen

It’s usually fairly obvious whether the kitchen was recently renovated. But either way, ask if the kitchen has any recent upgrades, ask how old the appliances are, and make sure they’re all functional. Most appliances last between 9 and 14 years.

In the living room

Look at everything, including the corners, the outlets, the floor, and the ceiling. Especially if there’s carpet, ask what’s underneath it, and make sure there are no potential sub-flooring issues.

The bedrooms

Not all master bedrooms are created equal. Ask what the dimensions are, and make sure your furniture will fit. If you need to, ask for permission to measure the rooms.

The bathrooms

Do more than just peek inside the bathrooms on your way to more interesting rooms. Lots of problems could be happening here, and you should find out if any are. Ask about knocking pipes during a shower, which could lead to a leak or a pipe coming free from its mountings. Low water pressure, dripping sinks, poor drainage, and not enough hot water are other potential problems you should know about.

The roof

Putting on a new roof is expensive. So get some information. Always ask the roof’s age and what kind of roof it is. Depending on the roof’s type, it could last anywhere between 15 and 50-plus years.