Gear up, home buyers: when you’re ready to start searching for homes, you’re going to change your mind about what you like, want, or dream about in a home. Well… sort of. See, the Nashville real estate market is a seller’s market right now: and that means that most homes are selling fast, at asking price, and even get multiple offers. So, unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, you should be buckling in for a little compromise.

So, it’s important to begin a checklist before you start searching for homes, whether it’s in a popular neighborhood like 12 South or even if you’re looking in less-popular areas. And to keep it handy while you’re viewing homes, so that you can cross off and renegotiate the importance of items as you realize what’s easily attainable… and what might be a harder sell! There’s nothing more frustrating than getting home and forgetting what you liked or what you didn’t like.

Your House Hunting Checklist