Focus on these tips to help buyers choose your house instead of your neighbor’s when it happens that your neighbor is also selling their home!

When people see a ‘for sale’ sign going up near their own, most people think of a straightforward but effective game plan: do a serious deep cleaning of his home every single time you have a showing. Project a fresh, clean feel, that can give potential buyers the sense that your home is newer and better-maintained. If possible, move out of the home entirely, and have it professionally re-painted and staged: you’d be surprised how effective the tactic can be!

Going head-to-head with your neighbors’ listing can make a complex process even more challenging. Here’s other tips on how to beat out the neighborhood competition to get your home sold first.

Beef Up Your Curb Appeal

If your home is on the market during the spring — peak real estate season in many markets — you’re likely to be competing with your neighbors for a buyer. To draw buyers to your property instead of the house next door, invest in seasonal curb appeal: your landscaping. Landscaping is one of the top home investment strategies that turn a profit at sale time, too, with most landscaping projects netting well over double their return when it comes closing time!

Get Amazing Photography

When your home is competing with a neighbor’s, those first impressions online matter even more. This is when a buyer considers whether to request a showing for your home — or your neighbor’s home. You want your house to stand out! If your listing photos are dark, blurry, or simply don’t make your home stand out, your home might not draw as many potential buyers. If you can invest in virtual tours, that’s even more likely to reel the potential buyers in.

Don’t Overprice

Overpricing can stall a home sale from the start — especially if your neighbor’s home is priced more competitively. In a hot market like Nashville if you overprice and the home sits on the market for even as little as a week, people start to wonder if something might be wrong with it. Meanwhile, an appropriately priced home gives you an edge on the neighborhood competition. And statistically speaking, better-priced homes are more likely to create bidding-war situations. Some agents even recommend underpricing your home slightly to encourage interest and fast action from buyers.