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nashville summer

Nashville Spring Events You Can’t Miss...

Mar 13, 2017
Music City’s calendar is full of celebrations all through the year… but Spring and Summer events usuall [more]
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best places to buy a home in nashville

Spring Nashville News: Restaurants, High Ris...

Mar 10, 2017
SkyHouse Offers a Month Free! SkyHouse, a brand new luxury high-rise in Midtown, is ready for residents. But that&# [more]
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buying a home when you owe the irs

Doing Taxes as a New Home Owner

Mar 02, 2017
Being a homeowner for the first time comes with all kinds of responsibilities that normally don’t come with renting [more]
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How to Sidestep Nashville’s Seller Mar...

Feb 25, 2017
When you’re looking for a home in Nashville’s current seller’s market, you need a plan in place to avoid maki [more]
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Buying a Nashville Home with Bad Credit

Feb 21, 2017
Are you worried that having a low credit score will affect your dream of owning a home in Nashville? I’ve got [more]
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Top Tips For Moving Into a New Home

Feb 19, 2017
You’ve signed and initialed on all the dotted lines. The house is yours — no more landlords or leases. Enjoy it. Re [more]
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nashville home

GNAR Releases November Home Sale Data!

Dec 09, 2016
November home sale data in Nashville has some great statistics! GNAR analysts presented the following information, [more]
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older home

Buying an Older Home? Watch Out!

Dec 07, 2016
Wanting to buy an older home? Watch out! Some older homes may look beautiful, but great staging and antique charm c [more]
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landlording in nashville

Thinking of Being a Nashville Landlord? Cons...

Dec 03, 2016
Rentals in Nashville are soaring for another year to all-time highs, and with more and more people moving to the ci [more]
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Little-Known Facts: Down Payments and PMI

Dec 01, 2016
Most people, especially first-time home buyers, have questions about mortgages and the terms around them! To help p [more]
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Google An Address Before Buying

Nov 30, 2016
Pro tip: Always Google an address of a home before you go to an open house or view it in-person! Believe it or not, [more]
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Credit Union Mortgages: What You Need to Kno...

Nov 23, 2016
There are many pros to getting a mortgage through a credit union — if you qualify! If you already do your banking a [more]
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