nashville elementary schoolEvery parent wants the best education for their children, but where should you begin your search? For many parents, choosing between the local public school, a charter school, or a private school can become a roadblock in and of itself. And it’s even harder when you’re just moving into town, and you’re not sure if the schools near 12 South or Donelson are right for you.

For many, personal bias plays a huge role in their choice. Some equate private school tuition with a superior education. Others are firmly committed to public schools because they provide a more diverse cultural experience.

It can be confusing because school choices are much wider than they used to be. And depending on your family, your child and your district, the best choice may not be the neighborhood school around the corner. Nashville has a notable number of schools fitting each of those descriptions! And to help you pick the best school for your family, here’s a list of elementary schools in Nashville.

List of Nashville Elementary Schools