nashville_homesIf you’re a big fan of HGTV or home renovation shows, you probably already know what major renovations can bring big bucks in terms of home value: bathroom and kitchen remodels. But what about the little remodels and additions which don’t cost quite so much but still add a lot of value to your Nashville area home? Believe it or not, there are dozens of small ways to add great value to your home– and your house might already have a few!

1) Landscaping

The return on great landscaping is typically over 300%! And for mature landscaping, the return is often significantly higher. Big, beautiful, healthy, mature trees in a yard can add between 2% and 10% to a home’s value, depending on your neighborhood. If they help shade your house and your street, chances are that you’ve got a winner.

2) Basement or Attic Bedrooms

A great study by found that the average resale value of a bedroom in the attic or basement was over $41,000! Of course, this is only true when local permits have allowed for it; non-permitted renovations often hurt more than they help. The reason behind this is that it allows for either climate-controlled storage, a home office, or another bedroom for a larger family.

3) Original Flooring in Good Condition

Most home buyers want wood floors, and as a trend, carpeting is well on its way out. But many buyers want homes with character, originality, and unique features. Original wood floors are often very different from their more modern manufactured counterparts, with character that buyers love.

4) Mudrooms

These special areas usually have cubbies, lockers, or storage solutions, and help people keep the house cleaner after coming in from inclement weather. Having a mudroom will absolutely be worth significant additional funds, often especially with young families.

5) Exposed brick

The industrial look is definitely IN in Nashville, and many buyers absolutely love it. It adds character, history, and texture to a home… and can also help reduce decorating costs, and is actually often less expensive to maintain over the years than drywall.

6) Walk-in closets

This one likely isn’t much of a surprise! Almost everyone has too much stuff and not enough space, and everyone from families to retirees to first time home buyers typically has walk-in closets on their ‘must-have’ list.