Richmond, VA, one of America’s oldest major cities, is a great destination for those looking to live in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a rich history, countless museums to explore, and plenty of outdoor activities, it’s no wonder Richmond is also home to nearly 235,000 people. As you start your home search, there are three key points to keep in mind – the housing market is very competitive, the median home sale price is $310,000, and the average rent price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Richmond is $1,735.

Don’t worry if those numbers don’t fit in your budget – we’ve got options to help you find a place that does. We’ve gathered a list of the 10 most affordable Richmond suburbs to consider living in. And the best part is that they’re all less than 35 minutes away from the city center. That way you can live close to Richmond and all its awesome activities without paying the premium price for a home there.

view o downtown richmond virginia skyline and waterfront area

#1: Bensley

Median home price: $193,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 15 minutes
Bensley, VA homes for sale
Bensley, VA apartments for rent

With a median home sale price nearly $120K less than Richmond, Bensley is the most affordable Richmond suburb on our list. About 6,000 people live in this suburban area and you’ll only be about 15 minutes away from downtown Richmond. Living in Bensley, you can spend time exploring Bensley Park or check out Falling Creek Ironworks Park and the nearby Bridge at Falling Creek.

#2: Hopewell

Median home price: $199,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 25 minutes
Hopewell, VA homes for sale
Hopewell, VA apartments for rent

Hopewell takes second place on our list. About a 25-minute drive away from downtown Richmond, you’ll be touring the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in no time. Home to Old City Point Waterfront Park where you can see the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers, and the Hopewell Riverwalk, there’s plenty to do in this Richmond suburb. 

#3: Ettrick

Median home price: $201,500
Driving distance from Richmond: 30 minutes
Ettrick, VA homes for sale
Ettrick, VA apartments for rent

Just 30 minutes away from Richmond, you’ll find the suburb of Ettrick. Even with a population of about 5,000, there are plenty of unique spots to visit in Ettrick. Make sure to visit Ettrick Park or explore the Virginia State University campus if you move to the third most affordable suburb. 

#4: Petersburg

Median home price: $220,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 25 minutes
Petersburg, VA homes for sale
Petersburg, VA apartments for rent

Only slightly more expensive than Ettrick is Petersburg, the next suburb on our list. About 32,000 people live in this Richmond suburb, where you’ll find Lee Memorial Park, Centre Hill Mansion, and many other historic buildings and landmarks. Don’t miss checking out the Pocahontas Island Black History Museum. 

homes in richmond suburbs with front porches and colorful exteriors

#5: Matoaca

Median home price: $225,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 35 minutes
Matoaca, VA homes for sale
Matoaca, VA apartments for rent

Drive 35 minutes south of Richmond and you’ll find the suburb of Matoaca, another great area to add to your list. Home to 2,500 residents, this affordable town can be a great choice for people looking to remain close to Richmond without paying the price for a home in the city. In Matoaca, you’ll find Appomattox Riverside Park and have easy access to all the attractions throughout the city of Richmond. 

#6: Sandston

Median home price: $230,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 15 minutes
Sandston, VA homes for sale
Sandston, VA apartments for rent

A recognizable Richmond suburb is Sandston, where the median home sale price is about $80K less than in Richmond. With just about 7,000 people living in Sandston, it’s a great suburb to consider moving to. Whether you spend the day at Sandston Memorial Recreation Center or grab a coffee at a local café, there are many activities to do and see in this suburb. 

#7: East Highland Park

Median home price: $235,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 10 minutes
East Highland Park, VA homes for sale
East Highland Park, VA apartments for rent

Seventh on our list of affordable Richmond suburbs is East Highland Park, which is about 10 minutes away from the heart of the city. With a population of roughly 15,500, living in East Highland Park is a great alternative to Richmond’s hustle and bustle. Don’t miss out on visiting Chickahominy Bluff and exploring the Highland Park Plaza Historic District once moving here.

view of a clocktower in richmond with dark clouds behind it

#8: Enon

Median home price: $250,000
Driving distance from Richmond: 25 minutes
Enon, VA homes for sale
Enon, VA apartments for rent

If you’ve been living in Richmond for some time, you might know the suburb of Enon. Roughly 4,500 residents call Enon home, so you’ll have a fraction of Richmond’s population while remaining close to the city and its attractions. Make sure to visit the R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks where you’ll find lots of walking trails and picnic areas. 

#9: Colonial Heights

Median home price: $252,500
Driving distance from Richmond: 25 minutes
Colonial Heights, VA homes for sale
Colonial Heights, VA apartments for rent

Colonial Heights is a great place to consider moving to that will get you access to downtown Richmond in just about 25 minutes. Just about 17,000 people live in this suburb, but there’s plenty of activities to do in Colonial Heights. Fun things to do in Colonial Heights include exploring Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum or spending the day at White Bank Park.

#10: Prince George

Median home price: $303,250
Driving distance from Richmond: 35 minutes
Prince George, VA homes for sale
Prince George, VA apartments for rent

Claiming the 10th and final spot on our list of affordable Richmond suburbs is Prince George. Without traffic, you’ll find yourself in Richmond in roughly 35 minutes. This suburb has a population of 1,800 and is home to Scott Memorial Park, The Prince George County Regional Heritage Center, and Tree Time Adventures. There’s plenty to do on an afternoon or weekend while living in this charming town.


Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Richmond and under a 35-minute drive from downtown Richmond. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during April 2022. Average rental data from May 2022. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau.

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