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Welcome to Redfin’s article about delicious restaurants in Antioch, CA.  In this article, we will explore some of the best dining options in the area. Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican cuisine, Chinese delicacies, American classics, or Thai flavors, Antioch has it all. So, let’s dive into the culinary scene of Antioch and discover the mouthwatering delights that are waiting for you.

antioch, ca

1. Little Manuel’s

Cuisine Type: Mexican Restaurant
Location: 1509 A St, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Little Manuel’s

Little Manuel’s offers a wide range of Mexican dishes on their menu, including tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and traditional Mexican desserts. The restaurant has a vibrant and warm atmosphere, with colorful decor and friendly staff. Whether you’re craving authentic Mexican cuisine or looking for a lively dining experience, Little Manuel’s is the perfect choice.

2. Celia’s Mexican Restaurant

Cuisine Type: Mexican Restaurant
Location: 523 W 10th St, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Celia’s Mexican Restaurant

Celia’s Mexican Restaurant is a popular Mexican eatery in Antioch. Known for its authentic flavors and vibrant ambiance, Celia’s offers a variety of yummy Mexican dishes on its menu. From sizzling fajitas to mouthwatering enchiladas, diners can indulge in a variety of traditional favorites. Whether you’re craving some zesty tacos or hearty chimichangas, Celia’s Mexican Restaurant is the place to satisfy your Mexican food cravings.

3. China City Restaurant

Cuisine Type: Chinese Restaurant
Location: 2757 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: China City Restaurant

Offering a diverse menu of traditional Chinese dishes, customers can find plenty of flavorful options to satisfy their cravings at China City. Whether you’re in the mood for classic favorites like General Tso’s chicken or want to try something new like their house specialties, China City Restaurant is sure to delight.

4. Sylvia’s Country Kitchen

Cuisine Type: American Restaurant
Location: 2799 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Sylvia’s Country Kitchen

Known for its homestyle cooking, Sylvia’s Country Kitchen serves up classic dishes such as fried chicken, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes. Dining at Sylvia’s Country Kitchen is always a warm and inviting experience. When you visit, don’t forget to try their famous pecan pie for dessert.

5. Skipolini’s Pizza

Cuisine Type: Pizzeria
Location: 901 Fitzuren Rd, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Skipolini’s Pizza

Skipolini’s Pizza is a popular pizzeria in Antioch. Their menu includes a variety of pizzas with unique toppings like the “Prego pizza” topped with mushroom, garlic, salami, and fresh marinated tomatoes. If you’re craving pizza, Skipolini’s Pizza is sure to satisfy.

Hands picking pizza slices

6. Sawaddee Thai Cuisine

Cuisine Type: Thai Restaurant
Location: 1884 A St, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Sawaddee Thai Cuisine

Sawaddee Thai Cuisine is known for its authentic and flavorful dishes. Their menu features a variety of classic Thai dishes, including Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Tom Yum Soup. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to enjoy a delicious Thai meal with friends and family.

7. Los Caporales Taqueria

Cuisine Type: Mexican Restaurant
Location: 1645 A St, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Los Caporales Taqueria

Craving tacos? Los Caporales Taqueria has you covered. They offer an assortment of authentic Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. The restaurant has a casual and vibrant vibe, perfect for enjoying a delicious meal after a busy day.

8. Wong’s Restaurant

Cuisine Type: Chinese Restaurant
Location: 3704 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Wong’s Restaurant

Known for their tasty and authentic Chinese cuisine, Wong’s Restaurant’s menu features a collection of dishes including traditional favorites like General Tso’s Chicken and Kung Pao Shrimp. If you’re looking for a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great meal, Wong’s Restaurant is sure to satisfy.

9. Al’s Donuts

Cuisine Type: Bakery, Donut Shop
Location: 3706 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Al’s Donuts

Al’s Donuts specializes in making scrumptious donuts of various flavors and styles. From classic glazed donuts to unique specialty creations, Al’s Donuts offers an assortment of options to satisfy any sweet tooth.

10. Hazel’s Drive In

Cuisine Type: Burger Joint, Diner
Location: 1820 W 10th St, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: Hazel’s Drive In

Hazel’s Drive In is a classic burger joint and diner loved by locals. They offer delicious burgers, fries, milkshakes, and classic diner fare. With its retro ambiance, Hazel’s Drive In is a fantastic spot to satisfy your burger cravings and enjoy some old-school charm.

11. MOC Crawfish

Cuisine Type: Cajun Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant
Location: 2741 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509
Website: MOC Crawfish

Looking to spice up your dinner options? MOC Crawfish is a Cajun and seafood restaurant offering customers lots crawfish and seafood dishes, prepared with flavorful Cajun spices. When you visit, be sure to bring your appetite –  MOC Crawfish has plenty on the menu to satisfy any seafood lover.

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