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Choosing Your Nashville Real Estate Agent

Posted by Mary O'Neil on October 15, 2016
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The key to success in an agent/client relationship? Take the time to research and interview some real estate agents before choosing the one who’s right for you.

Consider the real estate process: there’s time spent researching neighborhoods, searching for homes that match your budget (and your lifestyle), negotiations on price and repairs, the commitment level of making one of the biggest purchases of your life. Does going it alone sound scarier than entering a haunted house at midnight?

Fear not: homebuying doesn’t have to be. A great real estate agent can help you navigate every step, with advice and connections to make getting to the closing table that much easier. And especially in hot real estate markets like Boston, MA, and San Francisco, CA, experienced agents can help you beat out the competition to buy or sell a home, and even save you money in the process. The trickiest part is finding that trustworthy agent!

Consider Your Chemistry Together

Buyers and sellers need to be able to trust their real estate agent. If you feel a personal connection with your agent, you’ve probably found your match. BNo transaction is without bumps, hurdles, and obstacles. It’s important to remember that your own client is part of your team and, when a challenges arises, may also have a much-needed outsider’s perspective.

Analyze their answers

Your agent will (thankfully!) take the lead and guide you through the process once you’ve signed on, but the initial interview with an agent is your time to take the lead. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions — it’ll help you get a sense of how they’ll handle tough situations down the road, and your agent will most likely appreciate your thorough approach. Ask how long an agent has worked in your location. Is this their full-time occupation, or are they a yoga teacher or struggling actor who sells real estate for a few hours a week? This is a big decision, and the agent should be a full-time, dedicated, and extremely experienced professional.

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