Moving is difficult for everyone, but your relocation will go much more smoothly if your kids are kept in the loop about the details: and they’ll feel less anxious and upset if they know what to expect.

moving with kidsKeep Dates Clear and Positive

Write the date you’re moving on the family calendar, so your child is well aware of when it’s happening. Also, write the date that you’ll need to start packing. If your children are older, have them pack up their own rooms or favorite items. Supply them with markers, crayons, stickers and labels so they can decorate their boxes.

Ask your children to draw a picture of how they will arrange and decorate their new room. You could even help make a floor plan as a family crafting activity!

Take Pictures

It’s highly recommended to bring your kids with you to look at the new place before you move in. Take plenty of pictures, or even video if you can, and get copies so that your kids can share them with friends if they want. But don’t stop there!

Get your kids disposable cameras so they can take photos of their old home and places they like and want to remember. Doing something active can help kids adjust a little better, and if they have something to take with them, they may feel more safe letting go.

Use Maps To Highlight The Fun Stuff

Get or print out a map of the new neighborhood and surrounding areas, and break out crayons and markers with your kids for a family night of highlighting things to enjoy! If you have teens, you could even share a google map, and make pins of things you know you’d like to enjoy.

Remember to Be Positive Even If You’re Stressed and Busy

Your attitude is everything, and it’s up to you to provide reassurance that the move is a good thing! Find pictures of new schools, parks, and nearby attractions, and show them to your kids. It helps build excitement for them—and it keeps everyone in a positive frame of mind.