With a landscape as vast as the music echoing from Austin’s live venues to the rugged beauty of Big Bend National Park, Texas invites all to a state where diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and a rich tapestry of cultures seamlessly intertwine. Whether reveling in the eclectic energy of Houston‘s arts scene or finding solace in the serene deserts of West Texas, the Lone Star State unfolds as a captivating journey through the heart of the American Southwest. From the historic Alamo in San Antonio to the Gulf Coast’s sandy shores, Texas beckons residents and visitors alike to embrace a boundless array of experiences. So, if you’re looking for homes for sale or just want to learn more about the state, this Redfin article will guide you through the biggest cities in Texas to consider.

1. Houston, Texas

Population: 2,304,580
Median Sale Price: $327,000
Houston, TX homes for sale
Houston, TX houses for rent

Living in Houston means enjoying a diverse and lively city scene. The city’s culinary offerings are a melting pot of flavors, with a thriving food scene that includes everything from Tex-Mex to Vietnamese cuisine. Houston’s Museum District is a testament to its commitment to the arts, with institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Menil Collection. The city’s proximity to the Gulf Coast also means easy access to beautiful beaches and outdoor activities for residents to enjoy.

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2. San Antonio, Texas

Population: 1,434,625
Median Sale Price: $268,500
San Antonio, TX homes for sale
San Antonio, TX houses for rent

Home to iconic landmarks like the Alamo and the vibrant River Walk, the city seamlessly intertwines its storied past with a dynamic present. With a thriving arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and annual celebrations like Fiesta, San Antonio creates a unique and inviting environment, providing residents with a lively mix of tradition and contemporary living.

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3. Dallas, Texas

Population: 1,304,379
Median Sale Price: $407,000
Dallas, TX homes for sale
Dallas, TX houses for rent

Dallas seamlessly blends modernity with a rich Western heritage. The city’s skyline is a testament to its economic prowess, with a thriving business district and a burgeoning arts scene. Dallas neighborhoods like Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts District are hubs for creativity and innovation, offering diverse dining and entertainment options.

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4. Austin, Texas

Population: 961,855
Median Sale Price: $523,250
Austin, TX homes for sale
Austin, TX houses for rent

Austin, the state capital, boasts a unique and lively atmosphere that blends a thriving tech scene with a rich cultural landscape. Home to the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival and outdoor attractions like Lady Bird Lake, Austin fosters a creative and eclectic community.

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5. Fort Worth, Texas

Population: 918,915
Median Sale Price: $330,000
Fort Worth, TX homes for sale
Fort Worth, TX houses for rent

Adjacent to Dallas, Fort Worth offers a distinct blend of Western heritage and modern urban amenities. Renowned for its historic Stockyards District, where cattle drives and rodeos celebrate the city’s cowboy culture, Fort Worth seamlessly integrates its rich history with a burgeoning arts scene.

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6. El Paso, Texas

Population: 678,815
Median Sale Price: $247,000
El Paso, TX homes for sale
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El Paso is a unique blend of cultures, with a strong Mexican influence that is evident in its cuisine, arts, and traditions. The city’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border means easy access to authentic Mexican food and vibrant cultural experiences. El Paso’s scenic beauty is unparalleled, with stunning desert landscapes and the majestic Franklin Mountains providing a backdrop for outdoor adventures.

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7. Arlington, Texas

Population: 394,266
Median Sale Price: $320,000
Arlington, TX homes for sale
Arlington, TX houses for rent

Between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is a dynamic city celebrated for its sports, entertainment, and diverse cultural offerings. Arlington is home to the iconic AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play, and the thrilling Six Flags Over Texas amusement park provides residents with a blend of excitement and attractions.

8. Corpus Christi

Population: 317,863
Median Sale Price: $270,000
Corpus Christi, TX homes for sale
Corpus Christi, TX houses for rent

Corpus Christi is a coastal city that offers a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle, with easy access to beautiful beaches and waterfront activities. The city’s strong maritime heritage is celebrated through events like the annual Buccaneer Days festival and the Texas State Aquarium. The city’s warm climate and outdoor recreational opportunities make it an ideal place for those who enjoy an active and beach-centric lifestyle.

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9. Plano, Texas

Population: 285,494
Median Sale Price: $495,000
Plano, TX homes for sale
Plano, TX houses for rent

Home to numerous corporate headquarters, including Toyota and J.C. Penney, Plano offers a strong job market and a diverse community. With a commitment to education, top-rated schools, and recreational spaces like Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, residents experience a balanced lifestyle in a city that seamlessly combines suburban comfort and community engagement.

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10. Laredo, Texas

Population: 255,205
Median Sale Price: $235,000
Laredo, TX homes for sale
Laredo, TX houses for rent

Situated on the banks of the Rio Grande, Laredo stands as a border city with a rich culture influenced by its proximity to Mexico. Known for its bustling international trade, Laredo’s World Trade Bridge and historic San Agustin Plaza exemplify the city’s economic significance. With annual celebrations like Washington’s Birthday Celebration, lively markets, and a blend of Texan and Mexican cuisine, Laredo offers residents a unique living experience.


Methodology: The population data was retrieved from the United States Census Bureau for 2021, while the median sale price data was sourced from the Redfin Data Center in January 2024.

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