using social media to sell your nashville homeUsing social media, like Facebook, is a powerful tactic to help sell a home fast. Most buyers use online tools in their home searches, which is exactly why you should heed the following tips when posting your home for sale in Nashville, TN, or anywhere else in Middle Tennessee, on Facebook.

Use a Social Media savvy agent

If you want to take advantage of social media to sell your home — and you want your real estate agent to do the same — you’d better make they use social media frequently; otherwise, you may not get much impact. It’s important to remember that Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms to determine how items show up in people’s feeds. Not all agents will know what works… and what doesn’t.

Use photos that pop

People are inherently visual beings, which partly explains why Facebook deems posts featuring images so much more important to its users than, say, a basic text post. Great, high-quality pictures or video really draw people to a property that comes across their dashboard, and makes them more likely to make an appointment to come see it. Always take the time to take quality shots, because Facebook is a very visual platform and that’s what garners attention.

Invest a little in Facebook ads

Ask your agent to help put up a Facebook ad. Thanks to Facebook targeting, your agent can show a post about your home for sale specifically to renters in your neighborhood, increasing your home’s visibility to locals who might be interested. You can guarantee that hundreds more people see your home for sale for as little as $5 a day. As a bonus, the Facebook ad tool can also promote your home on Instagram.

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