Hello Nashville!


My name is Mary and I am a true Nashvillian, a native, born and raised.

And boy, have things changed here over the course of my lifetime. We currently reside in Hipsterville. Flannel shirts, floppy felt hats and lots of hair. We love hair in Nashville Tennessee. Long hair, curly hair, poufy hair and fuzzy faces. We love big hair in Nashville Tennessee. Like I said its Hipsterville. The new comers are so excited about being from Nashville and we like that, but it is a new breed for sure. Every thing is locally branded and the pride runs high!

And with all this change we have restaurants. Lots and lots of restaurants. It is hard to keep up with everything new that opens. And of course there are the old standbys and dives that need to be supported as well.

We are urban in Nashville these days too. People want to walk on our fantastic Greenways. People want to walk for ice cream. People want to walk to restaurants and bars. And of course people want to walk in our wonderful dog parks.

The neighborhoods are so diverse and there is something for everyone.

Like I said, I grew up here and I know the roads. I love my new career of selling real estate. I know the roads here and I am glad to know some of the old cut throughs. But there is no such thing as getting across town in a hurry anymore. It is just a sign of the times and so you might as well embrace all the changes because some things about all this are just wonderful.

I sell lots of property to first time buyers and then I love to list homes for all the folks that are downsizing or just have a need to move out of the city a bit. Whatever your reason is for selling I can and will help you!

I hope I hear from you and get that opportunity to make the home buying and selling process as good as it gets. I will take real good care of you!