nashville sushiLove sushi? I know I do! But in a landlocked city like Nashville, it can be difficult to gauge which sushi restaurants have the best offerings and freshest fish. Sure, Ru San’s downtown has great discounts… but if you’re looking for great sushi, I recommend these spots.

Nama – 2300 Elliston Place

A perfect sushi spot near Vanderbilt and Midtown, Nama offers a great sushi spread… and has awesome cocktails to boot! A modern, trendy dining spot, it’s a great locale for a business lunch, date, or an evening with the ladies.

Samurai Sushi – 2209 Elliston Place

This small spot doesn’t serve many diners, but it’s often lauded as the best Sushi spot in Nashville, and offers some of the best fish and most interesting sushi rolls in town. Also close to Vanderbilt, it’s right across the street from Exit In and amazing local bars and music venues, ensuring it’s a hot choice for a pre-show dinner.

Lucky Belly – 2119 Belcourt Avenue

Nestled among many other great restaurants and bars in Hillsboro Village, Lucky Belly is an amazing spot to head to if some members of the dining party don’t really enjoy sushi. It’s great sushi offerings are seated alongside burgers and more traditional fare, and their cocktails are reliably good. The theme is quite different, but for the price and location, it can’t be beat!

Ken’s Sushi & Japanese – 1108 Murfreesboro Pike

A longtime favorite of many fans of Japanese fare, Ken’s is arguably among the most authentic, and their low-cost fare and diner-like restaurant are very casual. Many locals swear by the quality of their food, and their sushi highlights the fish they use.

Acme – 101 Broadway

Acme is a great nightlife spot in Nashville, with regular live music, amazing cocktails, and a fantastic rooftop view. And while the primary focus of their menu is southern classics, they actually have pretty stellar sushi! So if you’re downtown, there’s pretty much no better place to go for sushi if you value taste and atmosphere.

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