Pizza for Two

This is my go-to quick dinner and I make it on the grill. Of course, you can also cook it in the oven. I HIGHLY recommend a pizza stone and I found mine at Target, or there is always Amazon for every single thing in our homogeneous world.

I simply buy the pizza dough at my local grocery-my preferred is Publix. In the same case where they have the dough, I also buy their pizza sauce-Marys! And I use their pepperoni slices too. Then I march over to the cheese department and buy some fresh mozzarella! All of this is for my husband’s half of the pizza.

I am not a tomato sauce enthusiast so mine is a seasonal girlie pizza. Yet many fellows have eaten more than their fair share. My half is fresh dates, goat cheese with orange peel, nuts, and cranberries, & lemon hummus. Feel free to improvise with feta, walnuts, and basil. You name it.

I start my grill and heat to 450o with the pizza stone in the grill.

Pour a small handful of cornmeal on your counter and roll out the dough. It is uncanny how it fits perfectly to my pizza stone!

Once the stone is hot I bring it inside to the counter and place the dough on the stone.

I drizzle olive oil over the entire pizza.

I make one-half of the pizza by spreading a small amount of tomato sauce on top. I layer some slices of pepperoni and maybe some mushrooms and onions. I put some healthy hunks of mozzarella about this half of pizza.

On the other side, I spread a layer of lemon hummus first. I add sliced dates all about and then generously sprinkle my fancy goat cheese about.

That’s all you do.

Put it on the grill and turn it a quarter every 3 or minutes. This takes about 12 minutes and dinner is on.