“What do you think I can get for my house?”

Everywhere I go, when friends and acquaintances realize I am a REALTOR™, this question always gets asked.  It seems that most people are really interested in real estate, whether they are wanting to sell soon or are just curious about the future.

I have found, most homeowners are very interested in the status of the largest investment of their lives, I have decided to address this topic.

Sellers are on the winning side of our Nashville market.  It is Hot, Hot, Hot. Actually, most of the country is hot. But as always, how hot still depends on location and condition.

It is normal for most people to genuinely feel that their home is a castle and tend to be unrealistic with pricing. The first rule to keep in mind when becoming a seller is to keep this a business transaction, not a personal one. That is where I come in to help you become more objective. I take time to look at your home and make suggestions that work with your timeframe and need.  I help you decide if you want to sell “as is” or maybe make some improvements before selling. I advise you on the de-cluttering plan that must happen. I might even suggest a pre-inspection or an appraisal.

The media has really promoted the inflated fast-paced market which makes most sellers feel confident to list at a high price to get top dollar. I firmly disagree. We have such little inventory, so buyers are watching for new listings, thus you will get a lot more interest if your price is spot on or even a bit low. This strategy often attracts the multiple offers that you are hearing about and you may get an over asking price offer. When you have multiple offers the buyers tend to hand you the most attractive offer possible. The contingencies will be fewer and you will be much more in control of the situation. Multiple offers are tricky and you need to follow many legal guidelines in these situations. A Realtor will guide you along this route with all its twists and turns.

When you hire me as your listing agent, I go into high gear pulling reports to compare yours. We will go over lots of statistics and facts and I will suggest a price I think is right for your market to get the highest and best for your property.

I have a strategic marketing plan that is working quite well right now.    We can put the house on what MLS calls “coming soon” for a few days just to alert the buying public. And this year, without fail, I have suggested that every seller leave town for the weekend. We start showings on Friday and allow showings through Sunday. If the interest is great and the offers are coming in, I go back and notify every agent that has made an offer and I ask for them to submit their highest and best.  Typically, we go to contract by Monday or Tuesday.

Selling a house involves the personal.  It is inconvenient.  I will manage your expectations and make it as smooth as possible. Stay calm. It will be over soon and you will be moving onto the next home where you have made plans and dreams. No need to whip up a frenzy, just let your Realtor™ do their job and do it well.

On another note, many of the transactions I have done this year involved one side without a Realtor™. Sure, I am biased here, but with all the legality, strategies, pitfalls, paperwork, multiple offers…the list could go on and on, it is so critical that you hire a professional to represent you. This year, without exception, the unrepresented side has been consistently regretful that they did not pay for a professional to be involved. Real estate has so many pitfalls and I am here to keep you from falling in.

Give me a call if you are thinking about selling, we can talk about this. If you are not ready to sell right now, but you want to know the value of your home or any other real estate-related questions. I am here to help.