cocktail_nashvilleIs so secret that it doesn’t even have a sign!

But before we reveal too much, close your eyes and imagine striding down a luridly half-lit alley in Edgehill Village behind Taco Mamacita. The once-grand industrial buildings loom large on either side. Just like the opening scene of a noir film: you could be meeting a detective, or some corrupt cops or politicians.

The door is only marked by a massive, golden painted triangle with the door at the center. No sign. No bright lights. No bouncer. You’ve got to be brave enough to open it and peek in.

You’ll find yourself at the top of a spiral staircase, looking down at a lushly posh industrial atmosphere. Like a scene out of a future-dystopian film, crumbling concrete blocks jive against polished brass, high-end tile, and a gorgeously burnished wooden bar. The only way you can enter this place is grandly, your shoes clicking quietly with every step down the grand staircase.

The lower mezzanine offers a broad bar and restaurant-style booth seating. You should try the food: it’s top notch. And it’s just more proof that Midtown is still on the up-and-up.

The runners of this project is run by veterans coming from the No. 308 cocktail bar, and true to form, cocktails. And their efforts just one more reason why East Nashville is one of the hot places to be in Nashville. If you can believe it, properties in the area have had skyrocketing prices for the last two years, and the growth in equity doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit.

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